About Us


        Qingdao Chaoyin Middle School is a private school which was founded by Qingdao Chaoyin Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1998
        with the authorization of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Education. In 2001, Guangrao Road campus of Qingdao Chaoyin Middle School was founded. Due to the excellent school discipline and study atmosphere, the graduates get good records in the High School Entrance Exam and it makes more and more students choose our school. In order to satisfy the increasing number of the students, Anshan Road campus was founded in 2006. In the same year, Chaoyin Middle School was authorized by the provincial and local education bureau to enroll foreign students and entitle to extend their Visa as student Visa. In 2010, Chaoyin Middle School was entitled the name as“Foreign Language Experimental School”by the National Basic Foreign Language Teaching Research Center and Administrative Department of Education. In 2013, Chaoyin Middle School was named as "Lei Feng School" by the Spiritual Civilization Committee of Qingdao. Presently, there are 77 classes, more than 3,500 students and 287 teachers in our school. Chaoyin Middle School has been highly concerned and widely recognized in Qingdao.
        Some of the teachers have been classified by the Education Bureau as "top level teachers", "provincial or municipal teaching experts", "labor models", "teaching leaders", “excellent communist party members" and "excellent master teachers" etc. The teaching quality and teaching management have been fully admitted by the parents and the society. Chaoyin Middle School uses science as guidance, implements the Communist’s education guiding principle,follows out quality education and promotes students for all-round developments. Our school keeps up to updated information, consists developing and upgrading service awareness, responsibility awareness. It makes us gain the best outcomes and win the support, trust and understanding from students, their parents and the society. In the past years, the graduates' records rank top among the city in the High School Entrance Exam and more than 340 students were rewarded in National Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and other academic competitions. Chaoyin Middle School has been entitled as "The Excellent School" and “The Most Trustable Organization of Qingdao” by Civil Administration Bureau few years in a row. And the school was elected as “The Advanced Education School” by Shandong Province Education Department Bureau in 2007. The school has been voted as “The Most Trustable Education Brand in Qingdao” after surveys done by the Qingdao News website.
        In 2008, the school has been appraised and elected as the advanced units on self-discipline and integrity plane in the nonenterprise private units field by Civil Administration Bureau and it has been elected as the “best school of National Senior School Biological Olympiad Competition” by Shandong committee of national biology competition committee.
        In 2009,Chaoyin College has been appraised and elected as “the best school in Shandong competition area on the 15th National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (NOIP2009)” by the committee of Shandong competition area.  
        In 2010, Chaoyin Middle School was entitled as" The Advanced Unit in Qingdao on Sanitation ”and "The Outstanding Participation School in Shandong Competition Area on the 16th National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces".
        In 2011, Chaoyin Middle School was entitled as " The Outstanding Participation School in Shandong Competition Area on the 17th National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces”. Over the past decade, Chaoyin Middle School adheres to the connotation of development path, with "students-oriented" and "comprehensive development" for the purpose of quality as the lifeline, fully carry out the work, building a harmonious campus. Nowadays, Chaoyin Middle School has the brand new position and is moving on to the bright journey.