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        Luminous school uniform

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        This article appeared inthe Qingdao Evening Paper of December 2, 2010.


        Recently Qingdao Chaoyin College and Chaoyin Primary School made a brave attempt to the school uniform. How about the repercussions? Let’s follow the reporter check it out.

        Luminous school uniform is charming and safe


        Lv Xiaoyan(Class 1, Grade 3): I like my new uniform very much. I like wearing dress in spare time and now I can wear every day. Once I attended my aunt’s wedding. I was hesitated about the clothes. At last I chose the school uniform and it was liked by my relatives.

        Liu Zhaoyu(Class 2, Grade 6): I feel well because it is comfortable. My favorite is the summer uniform. I feel cool when I have PE classes.

        Meng Yifei( Class 1, Grade 5): I only got the autumn uniform made at first. When I saw my classmates wore the beautiful spring and summer uniforms, I got these two uniforms made with my mother’s permission.

        Jiang Yi (Class 8, Grade 6): My friend knew my uniform was changed, so she came to my home to see my new uniform. The final conclusion was that Chaoyin’s new uniform was pretty and has its own specialty. I still feel proud now.

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