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          March 12, is the annual Arbor Day, this year we theme is "protection green, love their homes." Actually the world except China and more than 40 countries have Arbor Day. So why should we plant trees so seriously?

          According to statistics global tropical rainforests are 17 million hectares per year, equal to the speed of the per minute reduce the size of a football pitch lost forest. If don't take action, the earth will eventually become barren. So the most direct, the most effective way is to plant trees.

          In recent years, our country forest reduce harm gradually reveal, for example: last year's boat song debris flow, yunnan and drought in shandong province this year with forests reduce drought a direct relationship. And always caused heavy losses.

          Actually, protect green home of action is in our daily life, in addition to plant trees, should also actively promotes and to practice low carbon electricity, should pay attention to life cycle, turn out the lights a hour... Starting from the dots. Every day you can after school recall today you the lights on? Today upstairs is the stairs instead of using the elevator? Whether you can do it a piece of paper used repeatedly? Can find a little book and put himself every day record of what to environmental protection. This is very interesting!

          So you don't think himself very small, no ability to protect their homes, in fact is the so-called "many hands make light work", as long as you and others pay a bit of effort and protecting the environment, our home - heart, will become more and more beautiful earth!

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