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        Providing the Best International Education for Children

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        Providing the best international education for children. Chaoyin,a specially designed school for both kids and parents 
        Qingdao Chaoyin School was founded in 1998.There are four campuses, with over 4,000 students currently registered. It has the highest standard of basic-level education in Qingdao; many graduates have successfully entered well-known high schools in the city. This August, Qingdao Chaoyin School became the IB candidate school for primary and middle year education. As an international school, we have enrolled foreign students from various countries around the world, including U.S., Canada, Spain, Korea, and Japan. 
        Consultations are welcomed! Let’s step into Qingdao Chaoyin School, led by our beautiful trees along the sidewalk, and enjoy a cup of coffee! Children can spend a day at our school and try out our classes. 
        Faculty Members: Expert foreign and Chinese instructors with many years of IB teaching experiences
        Approved and recognized by IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization)
        A rich and colorful holiday experience
        Prospective Students: 
        Children and young adolescents from China, HK, Macau, Taiwan, and foreign countries, who are interested in international education.
        Prospective students for 1st year PYP program: graduates from kindergartens
        Prospective students for MYP program: Students from Gr.6 to Gr.9

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